Ma'alahi Wellness was started to assist and encourage individuals to create balance and stability in their daily lives, leading to optimal performance. There are several factors that impact one's quality of life, allowing us to live fulfilled lives; physical, emotional, and psychological. Ma'alahi Wellness provides services that incorporate these essential qualities to enable the individual to create stability and contentment in all that they do.

About Me

My name is Danielle Richards and I am the founder of Ma’alahi Wellness, a company that provides a collection of wellness services for individuals looking to change their lives for the better.  I became interested in pursuing a health and wellness career in the winter of 2014.  It was the third anniversary of my Mother’s passing and I was still struggling with severe depression as a result.  Although my loved ones were trying their best to support me, I felt as if my life was over. I came to the conclusion that my happiness depended on myself and that I would not be happy unless I figured out what my purpose in life was.  For the next few weeks I meditated, read, and searched myself for the answer.  Earlier that year I began working out to lose the weight I had gained since my Mother passed and fell in love with weight lifting.  I had also started doing yoga again, an activity that my Mother had encouraged during my time in high school.  The one thing that kept coming up was how good exercising and yoga made me feel. Not only did I find peace in those moments, I was getting stronger physically and mentally. Practicing yoga and having a daily exercise routine enabled me to take control of the negative thoughts and emotions that I was feeling, and in turn, release anxiety  It was really the only thing keeping me sane other than reading.  I wanted to use what I had learned to help others feel this way, to combat depression, anxiety, stress, and grief through lifestyle change. 

I made the decision to become a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor, and in the spring of 2015, took the proper courses to do so.  Shortly after earning my personal trainer certification, I became certified as a youth exercise specialist.  I wanted to combine my love for children with my passion for wellness, and this allowed me to do so, but I still wasn’t satisfied.  I was led down the wellness rabbit hole! I want to make sure that I am armed with enough knowledge to help my clients the best I can. My current qualifications are as follows:

·         Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a concentration in Child Psychology

·         Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine

·         200 Hour Yoga (RYT) Certification through Yoga Vida

·         Youth Exercise Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine

·         Corrective Exercise Specialist certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine

·         Health Coach certification through the American Council on Exercise

·         Current enrollment at Maryland University of Integrative Health for a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching and a concentration in herbal studies

How I Can Help You

There are many people suffering from chronic illness, depression, and low self esteem. Why not help people take control of their lives and give them the tools to do so? Yoga and physical fitness has helped many people improve the quality of their lives. Knowing that each person is different, Ma'alahi Wellness takes an individualized approach with each client, focusing on their specific goals and needs to create a healthier lifestyle with healthier habits.

I provide my clients with an array of services, giving them the power to create their own self-care plan.   Wellness comes in many different forms, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming to embark on the journey to change one’s lifestyle for the better.  Ma’alahi wellness takes into account that one size does not fit all when it comes to self-care.  My clients can enjoy the benefits and flexibility of a personalized plan, targeted to their specific needs and desires. 

As part of my job, I acknowledge each person’s background, current and prior health history, their limitations, as well as their strengths to guide that individual in discovering their true capabilities.  Whether you are looking to gain clarity through yoga & meditation, strengthen your body and/or lose weight through personal training, or work on changing your behavior to create positive lifestyle change through health and wellness coaching, you will be supported. 

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